We specialize in web site design and redesign; auction and classified sites; web site consulting, search engine optimization and promotion services; music for your web site; creating banners and buttons for your web site; free tools for your webmasters and resources.

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Welcome to Music For Web Pages. We design and redesign Web Sites. This is what we do and have been doing so for 8 years. Our web sites are clean and easy to navigate through. We take each project personal and are here to do what YOU would like us to do. Our prices are the most affordable on the Net.

Besides Designing Web Sites, we also Promote and Consult and build Specialty Web Sites. We specialize in sites for Musicians, Singers, Composers and Artists.

Start making money with your web site today! We can fully customize your very own Auction Site (i.e. Ebay), Classified Site (i.e. Yahoo!), Recipe Portal (i.e. Epicurious), and/or FAQ Site (i.e. PondMarketPhotos.com Ask the Pond Doctor!).

With an Auction site, YOU set your own prices of what you want charge people who wish to place their items up for bid. Think of it! You have can your very own online Auction House right now. People can bid on items submitted by you or tons of other people. You have taken the first steps of becoming not only a super service to those folks, but provide you and your family a great way in supplementing your income. Read More.

Designing a web site that is clean and easy to navigate is what we do.

With a Classified Web Site, YOU set your own prices that people pay to add their items for sale, or, submit their services they offer to your Web Site. Read More.

Every Web Site should have it's own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page if it is large enough. This saves the company time and money when it never has to stop and answer questions. But what if you had an FAQ Section of your Web Site that made you money by linking to products in your store. Read More.

Are you a Chef? A Cook? Or just a recipe collector? We can set you up with your very own Recipe Portal. Friends, family, neighbors and your Web Site visitors can join your site and submit their own recipes. You can place Google Ads, or other Affiliate Ads, throughout your site providing yourself with a nice, healthy side income. Read More.

Music For Web Pages is all about creating something beautiful for you. Contact Us today and let's get started.

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