We specialize in web site design and redesign; auction and classified sites; web site consulting, search engine optimization and promotion services; music for your web site; creating banners and buttons for your web site; free tools for your webmasters and resources.

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Our Web Design Department

Whether you want a personal web site that features you and your talents, or your products, or a web site that features your business and/or company, the Design Department at MFWP101.com will design for you a clean, easy to navigate through web site you will be proud of.

Each web site we design has a unique template that no one else has and is built from the ground up. Here is what you get when you retain us for your web designer.

You get:
Your own unique Template
Your own unique LOGO/Banner
Navigation Buttons
Unlimited Text Changes for three months
*Photos (provided by client)
Text (provided by client)
Proper submission of web site to the search engines
Optimization of web pages
META TAGS and more!
You can build your own website, spending hours and hours turning into days, turning into weeks, turning into months. Or, let us do it for you having it up and running within a week or two (depending on the work involved). You must have a web site that is easy to navigate through. It has to be a clean, crisp site that doesn't over inform, but has enough information to keep the visitor interested, intrigued and satisfied. Your website shouldn't have a lot of .gifs, .jpegs, .jpgs, or long wav sounds to bog down load time and also be submitted properly to the search engines.

These are just a few of the many tasks that The MFWP 101 Design Department take on when you put us under contract to build an Class-A website. If you don't wish to tackle with this time consuming job of building a web site, and it does take a lot of precious time away from family and loved ones, and in some cases, your health, we have the time, tools and the manpower to do it for you.

You have a music group? Well, although we design and redesign all types of web sites, we speacialize in designing web sites for bands; web sites for composers, musicans, singers and even people who just love music! You fit this catagory? Well then, let's get the ball rolling today!

If you feel you would like to build a site yourself, check this out.
We use this service and highly recommend it.
Hire us to use this company for you and leave other sites in the dust!

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With your concept in mind, we will put together a fantstic website for you so you can spend your time getting ready to promote it, or what your next step might be. Our support team is available 12 hours a day by e-mail, and by phone for extremely important issues. Just fill in the form below, and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Web Hosting:
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