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Music Player Scripts for your Web Site

The scripts for players to play music on your web site are below the player in the second column. We gave you another option and that is to provide a link. Not all browsers can accomodate these scripts. But, most do. Right click in the textura box below the player, select all, copy and paste the script into your web page. Replace "name_of_song.mp3" with the actual name of the song located on your host. Upload the song to your host. Make sure you have the correct path to the song in the script. Good luck and enjoy.

Player #1.

The scripts for music players and options on how to play music on your web site below are just a few offered on the Internet. In the text box below the player is the script.

This will be the most popular because it is in a drop down select box. Once a visitor selects a song, their default player should pop up and play the selection. Try it.

Player #2.

This is the standard player giving the visitor the opportunity to stop, play, or pause. However, it only plays one song written in the script. You will need several players to play more than one song.

Player #3.

This is just a link. You can link directly to the song, and have the visitor click on the song. Or, provide the entire URL in case their player doesn't play the selection.

A Closer Walk With Thee

Player #4

This is for people who would like to have a start and stop button.

My Music and Lyrics

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